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Dead trees attracts pests:
Dead trees not only look bad, but they also attract pests like termites, carpenter ants, and more wood boring insects. Get a free estimate from West Omaha Tree Service for tree removal services in Omaha. Insects always go after the most vulnerable plants. If there are 10 trees on your property and an insect is to choose one, it's going to go after the easiest target first. It's all about survival of the fittest. If you do have insects call a local arborist to have insecticide treatments.





It could fall:
Dead means weak which could result in your tree falling over, hopefully not on anyone or anything worth value. Watch for decaying or cracks especially on any major structural branches, and also around the trunk. If the tree is in too bad of shape you may want to get a price from West Omaha Tree Service to perform tree removal services . A lot of times it's tough to tell the structural integrity of your tree. Sometimes it's best to call a local arborist to get a second opinion on a trees structural integrity. Sometimes you can't even tell how bad of shape a tree is really in until you cut into it, so just because a tree doesn't look to be in that bad of shape doesn't mean it's not. Mature maples are known for rotting out on the inside from ants and natural causes. I have seen mature maples that were mostly green, end up being hollow in the center of the trunk.

Don't Wait too long:
The more hazardous the tree is to remove, the more expensive it will be to perform tree removal services. If the tree is in the front yard and can use a boom truck, it won't matter as much, but if it needs climbed it can increase the price dramatically depending on how dead the tree is. The longer you wait the more likely you are going to have storm damage, I have seen people push it and have the whole tree fall on their house and cost a heck of a lot more money. If you are unsure of the condition your tree is in, you may want to have it checked out by a local arborist. When in doubt call West Omaha Tree Service.




They're not pretty:
If your tree is completely dead, you should start getting a game plan for tree removal services and getting a new tree planted. Dead trees make the aesthetic appeal of your landscape automatically impacted. When your curb appeal is impacted it can lower your property value. Trees are always an asset to your landscape from wildlife habitats, to helping keep your house cool during the warm days.

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